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10 Business Ideas To Start Now With No Money.

No money? That’s not necessarily a problem; the costs of setting up a business have never been lower, thanks to new technology. It has never been easier to start business with no money. If you have been thinking about setting up your own business for a while, why haven’t you done it yet? Even if you’re not ready to leave your job and take the leap, there are lots of ways to get started now in your spare time.

1. Sell your Talents

You should know that there is a kind of business to start with no money, and selling your talents is a vivid example. You can sell services like – research proposal writing service, website creating service, essay-writing service, voice over and anything that you are good at.

Once it works, you can start an agency or continue freelancing to boost your finances. You can always start selling parallel services that you’re good at as well.

2. Property Manager

The grown-up version of classic teenage jobs like shoveling snow and mowing lawns, property managers help small to medium-sized landlords everywhere take care of their real estate. The responsibilities can vary, from simply taking calls from tenants and arranging for maintenance to doing the fixing and landscaping yourself. If you want to go full-service, you can even offer to show apartments, screen tenants, and collect the rent.

3. Tutoring Business

If you have teaching experience or any kind of specialist knowledge you could think about offering a tutoring service. There are numerous agencies and platforms which can connect you with students. Speaking English is a valuable commodity in many parts of the world and you can earn money by offering 1-1 English conversation online.

4. Creative Agency Business

You can start a graphic design, web design or online marketing (offering services like social media marketing, search engine optimization, online advertising etc.). Start with one and add more services as you move ahead.

For this and the content marketing biz – you can start with Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr to get work. Once you have a steady flow of work you can pitch outside with your own brand.

5. Mobile Auto Detailing

How many people do you know who have decent cars but drive around with buckets of junk in the backseat and French fries stuck to the floor mats? Gross.

With a vacuum cleaner you may already own and a few cheap bottles of automotive cleaning products, you can offer to come to anyone’s home or work and make their car’s interior look like new. Professional shops can charge up to $100 or more for this service.

6. Recycled Handmade Seller

Etsy is an ecommerce platform that lets you sign up for free. And if you can get creative with some recyclable materials, you can even make some handmade products to sell without spending any cash. You will be surprised how much people are willing to pay for handmade products. I have a friend who makes lot cash by selling handmade jewelry on websites like Esty.

7. Blogs

You can have a blog where you post content, pictures, text. If that blog becomes popular, it can make you a lot of money in no time at all! Big brands and businesses kill to market themselves in places where there is a lot of visibility and large crowds.  Once you are established, you can set a price, and enjoy the rest of your life!

There is also one case of a man who started something called “a million-dollar homepage”. A home-page where he sold space per pixels, and companies literally died to buy some space on that home-page, which looked nothing but cluttered and overcrowded version of pop-up ads. It did not look appealing, but it did make him rich!

8. Cleaning Business

They say that cleaning can be a form of mindful mediation. Some people even enjoy it! If that is you then you could make a lot of people, including yourself, very happy. The 5 mile-zone around any Waitrose store is almost guaranteed to have more demand than supply for reliable cleaners. If you can get yourself there, pin a card on the community board and wait for the phone to ring. Facebook groups  is another good place to find clients.

As a cleaning company, your start-up costs could be zero if the customer supplies a good vacuum cleaner and materials. The average payment rate for cleaners is $12 per hour, up to $20 an hour in America. If you are good at your cleaning job, you can scale your business by creating a cleaning company. That is where the real cash is my friends.

9. Share your home Business

If you have a spare room you can now make it pay using online platforms like Airbnb and The flexibility of those online systems means that you can decide in advance which dates you want to open to bookings and how long you’ll let people stay for. If it’s not working out for you, just take your room off the system for a while. As a matter of fact that is how I started a hospitality business. I now own two holiday homes in Croatia.

10. Selling Domain Names

All you need here is a little money and creativity. A college student will probably suffice, provided you are creative enough to come up with unique and interesting domain names. You can buy a domain name for as low as $10 and then sell it someone in need for as much as possible.              There have been many stories , proving that brands go to any lengths to own the domain name of their own brand.

Now, however, it might be tough to find a domain name of a brand that someone does not already own, but you can always come up with interesting and creative names that can fetch you good prices in the end. It’s practically free business, as whatever you will be spending will come bouncing back to you hardly in a couple of months.


In business, you learn best by doing. Pick one area where you have some expertise and start. You’ll learn along the way.

Chances are you’ll not find success in day one. Stick with whatever you start for 6 months and see how it turns out.

Don’t risk everything you have to start a business. It is tricky. Have a fallback. It is ideal if you start it on the side – while you continue doing whatever it is you are doing. Do you have any other business idea that has worked for you? Please share it in the comment.

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