10 Surprising Reasons To Date An African Woman!

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10 reasons to date an African woman: I bet as a foreigner you are curious of how to it’s like to date an African woman. I’m not talking about the black woman women born and raised in America or Europe, I talking about the real Africa queen: Women who were born in Africa. Some of these are of course stereotypes. No race is COMPLETELY one thing. There’s crazy all all fronts and sides of the spectrum, just as there are nice women of varied races as well. So please no one get at me and say that their White or Korean mother has these traits, too. I’m sure they do. More power to ya. Here goes!

1.They have Superwoman tendencies. 

The phrase Strong Black Woman comes to mind. An expert at multi-tasking, very driven and passionate about their career, and still looking for love amidst all of this. They  love to save others and put others before themselves, sometimes to their own detriment.

Funny observation: I remember a White girlfriend of mine called me crying once. I was instantly on my feet. “What happened? You okay?” She sobs, “Yes…It’s just that…my boyfriend John can’t get into any of his classes in college, so he’s gonna have to stay an extra year. He just doesn’t know what to do.” I paused…”Um, so why are you crying?” “It’s just heartbreaking. He’s so worried.” It was then I understood it. While others are empathetic, Black woman are sympathetic. Our first instinct is not to feel your pain, but to understand and figure out how to fix your pain. (“Baby, have you talked to the registrar? Don’t worry, it’ll be okay. Let me make dinner.”) 

2.They Love Sex But They Won’t Cheat

African women love sex for fun and procreation. They understand that sex isn’t everything in a relationship but they will give you the best sexing in your life. Close to heaven if heaven exist. Their drive is high and they will satisfy their husbands without complaining. A true African woman is well aware that sex is not only meant to please the man but her too.

3. She’s to pushes you to be your best. 

African women look at things as a WE situation. You do well, we do well. It’s not about finding flaws, it’s about her seeing the strength and ability inside of you and helping you reach your full potential. 

4. African women don’t divorce easily

 Statistics say Black female-White male marriages show substantially lower rates of divorce than White-White marriages. The African women are brought with the value of preference and they don’t ask for a divorce claiming that they don’t love you anymore. They try to solve their marital problems before calling it quit.

5. They are beautiful

When you see an African queen, you see the true beauty. Dark shinny skin, kinky hair, milk white teeth and gigantic hips not to mention supple breasts! They are not only beautiful outside but also inside. She reasons with you at your level and are easy to reason with. They also deliver super cute children with strong genes.

6. She’s looking for love. 

With all the talk of the “single Black female,” we see a group of women open to giving herself and her love to someone. Black women have made books on dating and intimacy bestsellers; one would like to think that they believe they are in training to make someone very happy. They realize that as successful or complete as they are, there is a need for someone to share it with. Who better but you?

7. She cooks delicious food

I know there will be a debate about this one, however African women are taught from an early age how to prepare food for their husbands. They know the secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s important for an African woman to cook great food for her husband. She will cook for you healthy and delicious meals that will make you doubt your mother’s cooking skills.

8. The Queens of Alternative Medicine.

 If you’re sick, getting sick, or don’t want to be sick, and you’ve dated a African woman, you’ve probably heard “Okay, drink this.” The Black community has a long history of passing down old remedies for anything that ails you. Orange peel, molasses, Ferrol Compound, Scotts Emulsion, and Caraili bush fill her cabinets to help anything that ails you. 

9. You can have a different wife every week

An African woman has the flexibility of having different hairstyles that make her look different every time.  The advantage of this is that you will feel like you are meeting a new person every time your Africa date goes to a saloon. This prevents boredom in a relationship!


There are so many reasons to date and African woman today. If you would like to date or even marry an African woman, I can arrange it for you. Contact me today: +385919843566

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