7 Things You Didn’t Know About A Sugar Daddy

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Forget the stereotypes! Sugar Daddy Express is redefining the modern Sugar Daddy. The perfect arrangement may vary, but most Daddies do share a few traits. Whether you’re looking to find a Sugar Daddy or wanting to be one yourself, here are 7 things you should know about the life of a Sugar Daddy.

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They’re on SDE for a Reason

Most Sugar Daddies choose SDE over traditional dating sites because they aren’t looking for traditional relationships. Sugar Daddies can sometimes have a history with vanilla dating and are looking for something different. Sugaring allows these Daddies freedom to find relationships on their terms, without the baggage or constrictions that sometimes come with traditional relationships.

Not All Sugar Daddies are Older

The concept that sugar daddies are always older is purely a myth. While your average Sugar Daddy is around 45 years old, there are tons of Daddies that are starting out in the Sugar bowl at younger ages as well. Younger generations are becoming more successful at an earlier age, so don’t be surprised if you come across a 30-year-old Sugar Daddy just starting out in the bowl.

They Don’t Gift the Same Way

It’s important to note that not every Daddy will gift the same way because not every arrangement follows the same terms. While some Daddies provide an allowance, other Daddies want to give gifts, travel, tuition or mentorship to his Sugar Baby. Every arrangement is different, so Daddies should be honest about their brand of Sugar early on in the relationship.

There are Different Levels of Sugar Daddies

Just like how all Sugar Daddies don’t gift the same, not all sugar daddies have the same resources. While some can afford a $6k monthly allowance, not every Daddy can spend that much on Sugar. A mid-west Sugar Daddy might be different than the one you met on Wall Street, but a real Daddy is in the Sugar Bowl to find a mutually-beneficial relationship. Be grateful for what he can provide, and more will usually follow.

Time is a Big Reason that Daddies Sugar

A common reason someone might turn to Sugar is because they want to have a connection with someone, but they lack the time for a vanilla relationship. Many Sugar Daddies are very successful in their careers, which can include long hours at the office and working weekends. Sugar Babies are busy as well and understand that a Daddy won’t usually be a see-him-everyday boyfriend.

Some Are Interested in Multiple Babies

With a ratio on SDE of 3 Sugar Babies to every Daddy, some Daddies may want the option of having several. He could be a frequent traveler or in an open relationship. As long as the Daddy can uphold the terms of each arrangement, this shouldn’t be concerning. Most Daddies can be upfront about their non-monogamous expectations.

All Sugar Daddies are Generous

Real Sugar Daddies are always generous. You can tell true sugar daddies not by how much money he makes, but by how much he wants to help.

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