Facebook Dating…initial Review and thoughts…

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OK, I know is this a private connection website but figured I’d share about Facebook dating which I’ve been looking at this the past few days.

Has anyone else used this? Here a few thoughts of what I see and features.

To set up your profile you must have a Facebook account but it’s not linked to Facebook dating. None of your friend will know you use it.

There are 5 things you do to create your profile:

1. Add photos – Upload from your phone, photos you’ve been tagged in, old photos uploaded to Facebook in the past and Instagram photos.

2. Write your bio (500 character limit)

3. Answer personality questions; right now there are nearly 30 (optional). This is similar to Hinge and Bumble. One cool feature is you can add images which appear as backgrounds to the questions which make them stand out. I recommend doing this.

4. Fill your preferences (age, distance, kids/no kids, religious preferences) – Pretty bare bones.

5. Connect to Instagram (optional).

How the site matches you. People who use Facebook dating will show up in your feed if they meet any of the following (they must be members of Facebook dating so non-members won’t appear)

  1. Based on your preferences (step 4 above).
  2. Based on Facebook groups you’re in
  3. Based on Events you are interested in or going to.

Yes, all the groups and events you belong to are fair game and you will show up to other members. You can turn this feature off but must do it for each group and event you belong to. You do this in Facebook Dating and not in the groups/events.

It will also show friends of friends but you can disable this. This means all your friends of friends who use Facebook Dating will appear as potential matches and you will appear to them.

For messaging you must mutually like each other. You can’t just send a message. If someone likes you, must like them back.

It offers “secret crush” where you can go through your actual friends and click a button which makes them a crush. If that person uses Facebook dating it will tell them someone has a crush on them. You won’t be revealed as the crush unless they like you back.

That’s basically it in terms of set up and how it works.


– It’s separate from your Facebook account so your friends won’t know you’re using it nor see anything on your timeline.

– Tons of women on Facebook so huge potential pool.

– Quick set up time.

– Since it requires a Facebook account to use it, it probably cuts down on the number of fakes and spammers.

– It’s free.

– It has a take a break feature.

– You can find potential partners who have similar interests in your Facebook group and Events (this is also a con below).

– You can answer as many personality questions as you like

– No swiping here which eliminates choosing potential partners based on their main picture like Tinder.

– It’s completely separate from your main Facebook account so none of your Facebook friends know you use it.

– The app is fast and easy to navigate.

– Has “second look” which allows you to see matches you passed on. This is great if you accidentally hit “X” on someone which you didn’t mean to.


– Requires a Facebook account.

– There’s nothing new here; it feels similar to Bumble and Hinge.

– I don’t see this as a great way to look for long-term relationships due to the lack of information the app provides based on partners.

– To get the most potential partners you must be very active on Facebook; you need to start joining groups and events.

– It grabs matches from groups and events which may or may not be good for you. If you’re a member of a group for your career, do you want to see potential matches and have them see you?

– If you don’t want to appear in the dating pool for specific groups and events you must turn it off individually for each group/event which is cumbersome if you belong to many of them.

– Can’t send images in chats.

– No desktop version – Facebook dating is app only.

– No search feature.

– No filtering mechanism.

– (Update) – You can send messages without a mutual like.


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