Relationship Coach

WITH A RELATIONSHIP COACH, CATHERINE NJERI. Are you, your client, your student or child:

  • Wanting to communicate better in a current relationship?
  • Having trouble connecting with a significant other?
  • Finding workplace relationships difficult to navigate?
  • Moving from one unhealthy relationship to the next?
  • Stuck in fear surrounding the thought of leaving a toxic relationship?
  • At risk for substance misuse, disordered eating, or other dangerous behavior as a result of relationship trauma?
  • Unable to move out of the guilt and shameful feelings surrounding relationship choices?
  • Caught in a negative belief system about what is deserved (or not deserved) both within and outside of relationships?
  • Unable to establish healthy boundaries in existing relationships?
  • Wanting to build a healthy foundation for long-lasting, meaningful relationships?


Catherine offers relationship coaching for both individuals and couples seeking to better understand themselves in the context of intimate relationships. Coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and often surrounds topics related to self-worth, unhealthy dynamics, toxic patterns, communication, pre-marital preparation, and goal setting. Whether you are exiting an abusive relationship, wanting to address existing

relationship patterns, are in a challenging marriage or simply want to fine tune what is already working well, relationship coaching can be a wonderful step towards long lasting and fulfilling connection.

Catherine also works alongside treatment centers, therapists, first responders, faith leaders, teachers, parents, and survivors themselves as an adjunct service provider in a very unique and specialized capacity. If you are seeing an individual in a professional capacity, no matter your role, and believe they may benefit from some additional support surrounding their relationship history, Catherine offers face-to-face, online, and phone coaching sessions for survivors around the world. Whatsapp: +385919843566


Individual Relationship Coaching

Whether we are aware or not, all of us grow up receiving messages surrounding our worth and value as people. The meaning we subconsciously attach to these messages directly influence who it is we choose to be in intimate relationships with. Many of us recognize over time that we seem to be picking the same “type” of person and often don’t understand why it is we continue to end up in this same space. Relationship coaching provides a safe and unconditional space to transform the beliefs we have held onto, sometimes for years, about who we are (or aren’t), what we are deserving of, and where our worth and value comes from (or doesn’t). As we work towards creating a new “internal story”, our external choices pertaining to relationships begin to shift naturally. This is where long-lasting change occurs, rather than focusing on the toxic relationship, it is imperative that we focus on what it is that we hold true while re-writing the story that has existed long before we entered into intimacy.

Couples Coaching

Two people show up in relationship with their own stories about who they are, both separately and collectively. We work hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion in order to change either ourselves or our partner in order to “fit” into what it is we determine we (or they) need in order to have a “successful” relationship. Couples coaching provides a safe and non-judgmental space to receive support around how it is our individual perception of self directly influences how we show up in intimate relationship, while also exploring the ways our partner is affected by our “living out our story”. Whether you are wanting to lay a solid foundation for healthy communication, vulnerability, authenticity, and connection, or have hit a large road-block, couples coaching can positively influence navigating the complexities that exist in each of these scenarios.

Marriage Coaching

Marriage is beautiful, and marriage can be hard. We often enter into marriage having a picture in our minds of what our life will now look like with the partner we have chosen to be our forever-mate, only to discover that we sometimes feel like we actually don’t know them at all. Marriage coaching provides an unconditional space to flush out the obstacles that can arise around the “real life stuff” that surfaces when we add finances, careers, gender roles, children, sex, extended family, and all of the other circumstances that can provide us with opportunities to grow together rather than apart.

How is Relationship Coaching Different Than Therapy?

Most of the people that engage in coaching services also have a therapist. The primary difference between coaching and therapy is that a therapist will often lead us into spaces where we uncover our past in order to learn, grow, and heal. A coach’s focus is around allowing his/her client to bring their past into the present so that they are able to shift perspectives, behavior, and ultimately their way of being, all of which is driven by the client. Coaches and therapists often work in conjunction with one another in order to allow for a client to experience the fullness of healing and thriving.

Who is A Good Candidate for Relationship Coaching?

Everyone. We all have the desire to live in healthy, happy, connected, and fulfilling relationships. With the additional support, accountability, and connection that a relationship coach provides, we can explore new ways of thinking and being both in relation to our current partner, as well as in future relationships for those who have experienced unhealthy patterns in the past. Preparing ourselves to live from a space of wholeness and fullness benefits every area of our lives, including but not limited to intimacy.