Top 4 Places To Meet And Date Someone New

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The next suggestion is to meet a new date at some type of class.  Now, women are more likely to take classes than men are, so the guys reading this should take note.  But gals take heart, there are still a fair number of men who sign up for classes too.

You send your child to the schoolmaster, but it is the schoolboys who educate him.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. Dance Classes

For men, there are several specific types of classes where women outnumber men by a large margin.  Social dance classes, for instance, are desperate for men.  These classes need an equal number of men and women in order to function.  Often a woman takes the “male role” to make things “even.” but every woman signs up for a dance class hoping to be feminine.  If you help her fulfill her fantasy, she could help you fulfill yours.  Besides, women in dance classes tend to be outgoing, fit, and attractive.

2. Acting classes

Acting classes are another area where the women outnumber men.  Ironically, there are far more good acting roles for men than women, but women flock to the theater.  While you won’t be directly matched with a woman every time as you would be in a dance class, the odds in these classes are much better.  Be aware though that the women in these classes can sometimes be neurotic.

3. Writing Classes

Writing classes, workshops, and groups are also a good place to find a new love.  These groups tend to be 60/40 women to men, but this is a better balance than either dance or acting. 

Women will have more luck finding a new love in a practical class.  If you learn to change your oil, you may also change your love life.

4. Certification Classes

Women may also find that they will meet eligible men by taking certification classes for various professions.  For instance, UCLA has extension classes leading to certificates in landscape architecture, computers, building & construction, and basic sciences to name a few.  You are sure to find plenty of men in these classes.

When you take a class, you not only broaden your mind (which makes you attractive to the opposite sex, wherever you meet them), but you have the chance to meet quality people who share an interest with you. This can increase your chances of getting a date.

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